The pet friendly lifestyle of a female pug.

The pet friendly lifestyle of a female pug.
Phoebe Rose is Pet Travel Ambassador for Posh Pet Travel

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Phoebe Rose Celebrity Pug: 2005 -2013

This will be the last post on A Traveling Pug.  I have had the good fortune to have had the companionship and inspiration of Phoebe Rose, Celebrity Pug and so enjoyed our travels and the wonderful people and furry friends that we have met along the way.

Thank you for viewing her blog and I wish you many years of safe and happy travels....

"Tonight, we mourn the sudden loss of Phoebe Rose, my mom, Sheila Appleby Williams faithful side-kick, furry daughter, celebrity pug and unforgettable animal spirit. She died suddenly and without pain or known cause. She will be remembered by her blog, long list of celebrity friends, loving personality, excellent fashion sense and healthy body image. Our animals are sometimes our closest friends and know us better than most. Kiss and hold your fuzzy babies tonight in honor of this special little gal please."

Phoebe Rose, Celebrity Pug (2005-2013)