The pet friendly lifestyle of a female pug.

The pet friendly lifestyle of a female pug.
Phoebe Rose is Pet Travel Ambassador for Posh Pet Travel

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2012 Independent Spirit Awards

Phoebe Rose, celebrity Pug, was dragging her tail at the end of a long (but fun and goody bag filled) week of Oscar gifting suites- and so she arrived late at the deluxe beach tent location of  The Official Presenter Gift Lounge at The 2012 Film Independent Spirit Awards -but still had time to check out the fabulous sponsors including:  Wella Professionals, Tree Hut, New Balance, Emergen-C, Fashion Forms, Votre Vu, Bratz, Bowers & Wilkins, AMC Theatres, Cult of Individuality, Carlos Falchi, The Ritz-Carlton New York, & Crunch.
Backstage at the Spirit Awards

Jason Isaac (star of Awake) stopped to pose with Phoebe before entering gifting Lounge.

Retro "cigarette girl" was handing out Emergen-C for quick energy boost.

Another canine covering the event-Posey of the Hollywood Reporter.

Special pass needed to visit Piaget tent-we didn't have one-so no entry.

The Jameson cafe was a popular spot for refreshments.

Phoebe is always eager to pose with fans.

And the fans were waiting for Phoebe to exit from the Spirit Awards-applauding and taking photos!

George Clooney isn't the only celeb who gets up close and personal with his fans!
Other celebs spotted at the Spirit Lounge:  Anna Kendrick, Anthony Mackie, Benjamin Bratt, Beth Behrs, Bing Bing Li, Carla Gallo, Carson Kressley, Derek Luke, Garcelle Beauvais, Giancarlo Esposito, Harmony Santana, Ian Somerhalder, Illeana Douglas, Jason Isaacs, Jeffrey Dean Moran, John Hawkes, John Waters, Kim Johnson, Lennie James, Lucy Liu, Matt Bomer, Matthew Lillard, Michael Gladis, Penelope Ann Miller, Richard Kind, Sarah Paulson, Shailene Woodley, Terrence Howard, Tracee Ellis Ross, William H. Macy, Wilmer Valderrama and more.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Does Uggi (canine star of The Artist) have a date for the Oscars?

With the Oscars just hours away....the questions that I am most concerned with are:
 a) will Uggie be attending the Oscars? and
 b) if so, will he have a date?

I am volunteering to be Uggi's date (after all, he did "sniff" me at the Golden Collar Awards).  In the canine world that could be interpreted as a first date or the equivalent of having a cup of coffee together.

Its not my usual habit of "chasing" an available male-but I did offer my company to Uggie on his Facebook page.  I have the outfit-now all I need is the invitation.

Phoebe Rose in her Oscar outfit

Oscar 2012 Gifting Suites in Beverly Hills

The elegant and pet friendly, Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills was the setting for the Maidenform Capsule Collection Oscar suite.  The collection was designed in collaboration with Mad Men designer, Janie Bryant and the retro inspired intimate apparel and shapewear incorporating Italian stretch silk satin, was previewed to Oscar nominees, celebrities and stylists.

As a large and lovely pug, I am quite pleased with my shape-but I understand that most female humans are not as accepting of their body contours.

Well, no worries, since the Maidenform shapewear was a fantastic experience for all the ladies, who were "fitted" and given numerous tiny undergarments to wiggle into.  Mom says now she knows the secret of the svelte Red Carpet stars-its all about "shapewear"!

It became quite a "girls club" atmosphere, enhanced by retro TV and film clips and dark chocolate.  So now you can look model thin (although I prefer being a plus size model) and have your chocolate too!
Julie Anderson nominated for Best Documentary Short "God is the Bigger Elvis" at the Maidenform Oscar Suite

Marya Delver of Sons of Anarchy at the Maidenform Oscar Suite

Will Julie be wearing these earrings at the Oscars? They're by Buccellati Red Carpet Exclusives.

Maidenform had special fitting rooms for guests-"Anything in that pile for a large and lovely pug?"

In the courtyard of the Four Seasons-setting up for the Oscars QVC party ....(we didn't get an invite-strictly A-list)

Next stop was the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills at the Aruna Seth Shoe Gifting Suite. Stylists for Jessica Alba and Katherine Heigle stopped in and snapped up some glitzy, sexy stilettos featuring Swarovsky encrusted butterfly embellishments.  

The London based shoe company (a favorite of the Royal family) originally focused on bridal footwear and retails in the $1000 range.
Designer Aruna Seth said "We'd love to see more A-list celebrities wearing Aruna Seth at the Oscars this year!"

Love the girlie bows and butterflies!

 This is the same style of Aruna Seth shoe that Pippa Middleton wore at the royal wedding!

The Roger Neal Beauty and Glamor Academy Award suites were held at L’ Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills (also pet friendly).  Stars were pampered with beauty treatments including, facials, massages, instant eye lifts, eye brow & lip waxing, manicures and pedicures as they prepared for "the biggest night in the entertainment world."
Phoebe Rose ran into pal, Joe Mantegna.
Roger Neal, Founder of the gifting suite says “This is more of a pampering than a gifting suite. Let’s face it; it’s a tough week. My suite is designed for VIPs to unwind, and at the same time ready themselves for Oscar activities.”  "Pampering is one of my favorite activities," says Phoebe Rose.

Celebrity Chef Kurt Ehrlich, who was the chef for Presidents Reagan and Ford, Roy Disney and many of Hollywood’s biggest stars, provided his 5 star rated cuisine. Chef Kurt’s Celebrity Gourmet Catering and his new restaurant The Hollywood Pasta Company in Burbank, CA has fast become one of the hottest spots for stars to dine in Los Angeles.

"I woof U" cookie from Big Bear Bed and Breakfast-a pet friendly hotel.

 Safety Harbor Teens are pampered and gifted with the stars.  
Service pet, Theodore is the mascot for Safety Harbor-an organization helping homeless and foster kids.

Yolanda Halston, CEO & Founder of Classified Cosmetics (the exclusive makeup used in the Twilight movie series) which features a skin hydration, color and bronzer system.  Classified Cosmetics is the official cosmetic line for the Roger Neal gifting suite this year and is one of the hottest lines today in Hollywood. 

Miss India checked out the Classified Cosmetics booth

Visiting from GM Collin headquarters in Montreal, Karen Asquith, National Training Director, says, “Everyone is concerned about anti-aging. Our facials, which are plant based, diminish fine lines and wrinkles. The skin makes a complete transformation.”

Countdown till Oscars 2012-Stars Flock to Gifting Suites in Hollywood

Its the countdown till the Oscars 2012 and celebs, stylists, nominees and personal assistants are flocking to the myriad of gifting suites in Hollywood to pick up last minute accessories, enjoy beauty treatments and meet and greet (while looking fabulous and flawless).

Phoebe Rose's paws have been pounding Tinseltown's pavement all week in an effort to survey and report on the best and most lux products guaranteed to make you look and feel like a true Red Carpet Star.

The pugnacious rover reporter perused two of the most popular suites in Hollywood.

Her first stop was at Legacy Gifting Lounge in the courtyard/Library of the retro-chic Redbury Hotel in Hollywood-"love the photos of old time silver screen vamps like Theda Bara!"
Portrait of Theda Bara, silent screen vamp at the retro chic Redbury Hotel

I love to pose for photos-especially in front of a cookie display!

TheGreatOne Cookie Company-"life is too short to eat an average cookie"

Who knew that actress, Kate Bosworth is also a jewelry designer for Jewelmint

Coconut water is good for humans and canines!

I might enjoy getting my teeth brushed now that I have a Brush buddies Justin Bieber singing toothbrush! 

Paul Fisher of CW's "Remodeled"-I did mention that I'm a plus size model?"

Sarah Drew of Grey's Anatomy

A closer look at Milou Couture Canine clothing-made for your pup's measurements.

This is where the stars pose at the GBK gifting suite at the W hotel in Hollywood

Rick Ottor-Red Tails

Holly Robinson Peete-HollyRod Charity is a GBK sponsor

My Pillow-a GBK sponsor "the most comfortable pillow you will ever own"

 I'll have a little more caviar, s'il vous plait. California Caviar offered four different caviars served on bilini!

The GBK lounge was definitely one of the most glam events!

When someone talks food-I'm all ears, especially if they're talking Ticklebelly Desserts (luxury cake lollipops).

Joss Sussman-Glee 

Terri Polo-Meet the Parents.  She has 4 rescue pups-"way to go, Terri!"

Rex Linn-CSI-Miami-he's a fun guy!  Think Thin has natural nutrition bars.

We became very close....

As a luxury pet travel ambassador, stylish suitcases are a must-like this 2 in one from Max Mirani (Move Mobile Closet) -Kevin Nealon and Twilight's Tinsel Cory nabbed these beauties!

Mary Birdsong of The Descendants (best movie nominee)

I can really make an entrance on the staircase of the W in Hollywood

Back home with the goody bags-I did all the work and Mom is relaxing with a glass of Domodimonti wine from GBK