The pet friendly lifestyle of a female pug.

The pet friendly lifestyle of a female pug.
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What to Do about a Pug Going Gray?

There are two things that a girl/pug does not like to talk about: her age and going gray.

I can deal with my age (in human years I'm in my 40's).  But, going gray in Tinsel Town is a canine starlet's worst nightmare!

However, after quite a bit of on-line research, Mom found out that many pugs start getting gray fur as early as 16 months old!  Okay, I did feel a bit better when I found that out.

Its also worth mentioning that both fawn color and black pugs get those "nasty grays" most often under the chin, on their tummies and most embarrassing of all (in the region of their private parts).

Yes, I understand that it can look "distinguished", but honestly, as a girlie-girl fashion forward canine, I'm not going for that look.
I really try to avoid closeups-under the chin is the most common area

I've been noticing a lot more around my "muzzle" (really don't like that word)

And under my tail (well, okay, not so noticeable)

I joined Mom at Naimie's Beauty Center in Studio City (celebs and makeup pros swear by this superstore of beauty supply essentials) and enlisted the help of popular staff member, Henry.

Henry suggested a mascara wand that covers gray and is non-toxic-I'm not yet convinced.
Part II of a Pug Going Gray to be continued.......