The pet friendly lifestyle of a female pug.

The pet friendly lifestyle of a female pug.
Phoebe Rose is Pet Travel Ambassador for Posh Pet Travel

Friday, April 22, 2011

Pet Friendly Austin, Texas

"Austin takes pride in bringing out the Texan in everyone"

Howdee Y'all!  I'm back from a great trip to Austin, Texas.  Austin is my kind of pet friendly town-the restaurants, the hotels, a gazillion dog parks....
Here's the "lowdown" on these outstanding pet friendly hotels:
The Mansion at Judge's Hill is a boutique hotel located in a charming historic section near the University of Texas and in fact the original building was constructed in 1900 as a wedding gift by one of the University Founders.  We stayed in the third floor attic bedroom ( antique furnishings plus every modern convenience).
There are no size or weight restrictions for canine guests, 24 hour room service, complimentary pet goodies, fleece bedding and the staff often bring their pooches to work.  Mom was able to park right in front of the hotel and there is a large grassy front yard and adjacent park.  They even had a current issue of Pet Fido in our room.  Mom said the atmosphere of genteel refinement brought out my best behavior (I guess that didn't include my eating half of her omelet when she wasn't looking).
The elegance of the dining room at Mansion at Judges' Hill

view from our bathroom

 Mansion at Judges' Hill -Greek Revival Architecture, hand carved stone columns.
Our next stop was Lake Austin Spa Resort-named the #1 destination spa by Conde Nast (Mom says that really means something).  All I know is that its great!  We stayed in a private cottage (the resort only has 40 guest cottages) with our own private backyard and jacuzzi.  This place is huge and is right on the lake.  Mom had a treatment at the spa and Adrian from the Sales Department let me hang out with her in her office.

Lake Austin Spa features a Pets Week (catering to pets and their humans) in November- including lectures, classes and canine massages.
Happiness is having your private spa.
I think my food dish says it all.
Robbie Hudson, Director of the PAWS program

The staff is great!

Mom and I on a paddle board...

Hanging out with Adrian in her office.

Next we made our way back to the city and headed downtown to the contemporary Omni Hotel.  Allison Battin, the Loyalty Ambassador, made me a special care package (including rawhide chewies and a squeaky toy)  a welcome note and detailed maps and locations of nearby pet friendly restaurants and dog parks.  The room service menu includes several canine selections (now that really says welcome, to me!)  There is a very nice grassy park (doggie relief station) a short walk from the hotel.
Comfort, convenience and class...count me in!