The pet friendly lifestyle of a female pug.

The pet friendly lifestyle of a female pug.
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How to Recognize Dog Obesity

You think I'm fat??

Well, this is a particularly sensitive subject for me, as I'm sure it is with many of my amigos.

Dr. Becker, a well know vet, in an exclusive interview with DogTipper (one of my former "favorite" blogs) has issued the statement "They will dig their grave with their food bowl"- scare tactics that its been proven do nothing but cause additional stress and make us want to eat more.

His tips for recognizing if a pooch is a little pudgy is:
a) Feel their ribs (ha! try to find mine, is more like it)
b) there should be an indentation at their waist (an hour glass shape) and therefore I suppose a pronounced pouch would not be ideal.

Okay, Dr. Becker, I barked off to your other remark, "All dogs love to walk."

Sorry, Dr. Becker, nobody walks in LA.

 and as far as "All dogs are scavengers" check out my comments on Dogtipper: How to Recognize Obesity in Dogs

I'd sure like to hear from those of you "full figured" fidos who share my feelings!