The pet friendly lifestyle of a female pug.

The pet friendly lifestyle of a female pug.
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Friday, February 25, 2011

Musicians and Models

Sebastian Bach and moi at the Revolver Rock God Conference
It was quite a day for moi.  Yes, LA is a city bursting with models and musicians, so its almost impossible to avoid them (but why would you want to??).

I joined Mom at the Revolver Rock God Awards Conference at the Club Nokia downtown (in the VIP lounge) I felt really cool, but since we got there late (as usual) we missed lunch.  Alice Cooper, Nick Mars (Motley Crue), Sebastian Bach and Chris Jericho (wrestler and musician) were all there to talk about the upcoming awards show.  Wendy Dio (wife of Ronny Dio) thanked everyone for creating the Ronny Dio Lifetime Achievement Award (in memory of Ronny).  She is very involved in the Brittany Animal Foundation.
Mom, moi and model

We attended a preview of LA Fashion Week later in day - thank goodness the food was served later and someone spilled their wine, so I was able to sip and sup.   Great shoes (thats my fashion focus).

Designer, Daniella Clarke (Frankie B) and rocker husband, Gilby Clarke