The pet friendly lifestyle of a female pug.

The pet friendly lifestyle of a female pug.
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Friday, February 25, 2011

Musicians and Models

Sebastian Bach and moi at the Revolver Rock God Conference
It was quite a day for moi.  Yes, LA is a city bursting with models and musicians, so its almost impossible to avoid them (but why would you want to??).

I joined Mom at the Revolver Rock God Awards Conference at the Club Nokia downtown (in the VIP lounge) I felt really cool, but since we got there late (as usual) we missed lunch.  Alice Cooper, Nick Mars (Motley Crue), Sebastian Bach and Chris Jericho (wrestler and musician) were all there to talk about the upcoming awards show.  Wendy Dio (wife of Ronny Dio) thanked everyone for creating the Ronny Dio Lifetime Achievement Award (in memory of Ronny).  She is very involved in the Brittany Animal Foundation.
Mom, moi and model

We attended a preview of LA Fashion Week later in day - thank goodness the food was served later and someone spilled their wine, so I was able to sip and sup.   Great shoes (thats my fashion focus).

Designer, Daniella Clarke (Frankie B) and rocker husband, Gilby Clarke

Monday, February 21, 2011 names Phoebe Rose, Dog of the Day

Yes, I, Phoebe Rose have been selected to be tomorrow's Dog of the Day by the very nice publishers of one of my personal favorite websites,

To view the selected photo, and brighten your day, click on:

 My publicist has issued this statement on my behalf:  "Phoebe Rose is honored to be selected as Dog of the Day and will try her best to be worthy of the title."

Dogtipper is actively looking for cute dogs to be featured as Dog of the Day, so I urge my canine readers to have their parents/guardian send in a photo ASAP.

By the way, to those of you who have viewed my Dog of the Day photo, may I ask "Do I look fat in that bathing suit?"    
Love & Licks,
Phoebe Rose

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Whoopi Goldberg gives Red Carpet tips

 Whoopi Goldberg (the standard poodle) is starring with Rita McKenzie in "Ethel Merman's Broadway" now appearing at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood.  I had the opportunity to meet "Whoopi" and get her paw print.  She was not at all the diva that I imagined (like some canine celebs I've met and could name) but was ever so gracious and gave moi some red carpet tips.

Whoopi on stage with Rita McKenzie

Its nice to know that celebs are just like us (canines of course), Whoopi joined me in sniffing for something edible on the red carpet after posing for the press.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Best in Show- Hickory is the winner!

Were you as surprised as I was?  This is the first time that a Scottish Deerhound (don't see too many of those here in LA) has won.  Well, I'm sure Hickory is the very best Scottish Deerhound there is.  But, just between you and me, doesn't his fur look a little dry?

Mom puts a little olive oil in my food and I always get compliments on how shiny and soft my fur is.

Just a little FYI for Scottish Deerhounds.

Photo credit: Tilly Grassa

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Westminster Dog Show

Did you watch the 135th Annual Dog Show???  Well, I did, of course.  The preliminary contests can be viewed on the WKC website.  There were 33 pugs competing for the best of the breed- now that's a really tough decision for the judges.

Last night's show featured the categories of toy dogs, non-sporting and hound dogs. I had a great evening at my Aunt Rosa and Uncle Larry's watching the show and having meat balls for dinner (made of ground steak-yum).
Now, that's a good looking pug!

I was very disappointed that my new on-line friends, Porter and Sherman were not selected in the final judging for French Bulldogs.  Sometimes these things are political (if you know what I mean).

Tonight will be the bigger dogs and of course the grand finale-Best in Show.   For more information and to see winners go to

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Grooming Tips from WKC Dog Show Contestants

Porter and Sherman (his nephew) are WKC contestants competing in the French Bulldog preliminary competition tomorrow.  The winner will go on to enter the main toy breed competition in the evening.

Mom, Terri Marks reports "Porter and Sherman are calm, cool and relaxed and enjoying the big city. They're pretty much spit and shine (lol). They brush their teeth and vaseline their noses every day. Porter because he's cream, washes his face wrinkles every day then uses desitin in the creases to keep the tear stains away."

Porter had osteomylitis as a puppy, and almost had his foot amputated, but Terri (a veterinarian) cured him with acupuncture and antibiotics!   Go Terri!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

CAVE Art Gallery Reception in Los Angeles

I am an art lover-especially if the art features a fellow canine.  Shay Davis was one of the artists being showcased on Friday night at a very cool event on Abbot Kinney. I like that they had that "tasty water" (I think its called wine).  Someone put their glass on the floor, I assumed it was for me so I lapped up a little.
Here is a close up of Diesel-maybe that's his Mom.
Shay's Carlin Pinscher (pug/minipin), Diesel is featured "just chillin" in four of his detailed surreal oil paintings.  Shay told Mom "Diesel goes everywhere with me. He's my boy and I love him more than anything (or anyone) I've ever loved."
Here I am up close and personal with the artist

Well, there you have it.  Surprising that a dog can be a Muse to a painter? Of course not.  I wonder how many other artists have been inspired by their "best furry friend"?

Artist, Shay Davis and moi ( he has that tasty water that I like)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Don't forget Who Loves You (unconditionally) on Valentines Day

Bow-Wow!  Monday is going to be super hectic for moi-Valentines Day and the Westminster Dog Show!
I'll have to get my 16 hour beauty sleep to be ready for all the excitement.

Check out valentines-day-dog-gifts for some cool gifts (hint to my Mom)

Happy V-Day from Phoebe Rose!

Countdown till Westminster Dog Show-2 days

Well, its almost time. The  Annual Westminster Dog Show will be broadcast live from NYC on Monday night-toy breeds (not sure if I like that term) will be competing.

This is "our" Academy Awards event and I am so excited to be hosting a viewing party at The Club Beverly Hills for Dogs-thanks Marjorie!

Dog show contestants will be staying at the New Yorker Hotel-so stay tuned for some pics and behind the scenes gossip and sniffing activity.
More info at: