The pet friendly lifestyle of a female pug.

The pet friendly lifestyle of a female pug.
Phoebe Rose is Pet Travel Ambassador for Posh Pet Travel

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Grand Opening of Sephora

What does a Pug know about makeup?  A good question.  I really don't know much, but it does look tasty. I have occasionally licked some spilled powder and nibbled on a lipstick- not bad.

I did attend the Grand Opening of the spectacular (huge) Sephora store at the Americana at Brand (a very dog friendly outdoor mall).  They even have complimentary pet strollers! So thoughtful, since a canine can get very tired going in and out of all those stores (and sometimes get stepped on).

Josie Maran, a famous cover girl (Maybelline) has a luxury earth-friendly line of cosmetics available at Sephora.  I like that she is a Peta approved company (no animal testing).

How about a luxury earth-friendly line of pet grooming products, Josie?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Do dogs need to wear sunglasses?

Well, I think as far as style is concerned, the answer is "Yes, dogs should wear sunglasses."

I did a little on-line research and it seems that "Companies such as Doggles, seeFIDO, and Dog-Goes, acknowledge the fact that many pet owners value all aspects of their dogs’ well-being, including their eyesight. This is why they have developed dog sunglasses that come in many different sizes, shapes, and designs to accommodate the many different dog breeds out there. They stem not from fashion or leisure roots, but from the very real fact that the eyes of dogs need to be protected from harmful rays of the light spectrum, as well as from irritants like dust, sand, and wind."  

Well, makes sense to me but of course there is never a simple yes or no answer.

"Some veterinarians are skeptical about the necessity of sunglasses for dogs while others endorse the idea wholeheartedly."

Whatever you decide, check out the pics of these stylish canines in Japan-you know when it comes to fashion, Japan rules!

Pet Friendly People Dentist

Yeah, I know that going to visit the dentist can be stressful-I have to be unconscious before I get my teeth cleaned by the vet.

 Mom brings me with her when she goes to see her very nice dentist, Dr. Nakamura-Cox in Culver City, California.  I sit quietly beside the dental chair and watch while Dr. Cox works on Mom's mouth.  Sometimes I try to lick Mom's hand, just so she knows that I'm making sure she's OK.

Dr. Cox really likes "calm and quiet" dogs like me (unlike a certain Chihuaua, I could name).  Now, she lets other patients bring along their "emotionally supportive" pups to her dental office.

I love to visit the staff- they always admire my outfits.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dog Friendly Airlines

I  love to fly and always meet great people in the airport and on the plane.  So far, American Airlines, Delta Airlines and Air Canada are my favorites.

Mom makes sure she brings my favorite blanket, a chewy toy and my medical records.  I love road trips, so  flying is like a great road trip but with less interesting scenery (especially at night).

Here I am with the pilot, getting my first flying lesson.  It was pretty easy-even a cat could learn.

The only part I really don't like is that she won't let me eat or drink for a few hours before we board the plane (so I don't have an "accident" on the plane).

There are lots of great websites for pet airline travel.  Here are a few of the best.