The pet friendly lifestyle of a female pug.

The pet friendly lifestyle of a female pug.
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Its raining cats and well you know what...

Its been raining here in LA for the last few days and although I don't find the weather usually an interesting topic of conversation, I do hate to have to go out in the rain (are you with me on this, fellow canines)?

But, I eventually have to heed the call of nature and get all wet and dirty and of course Mom doesn't like me to get the house messy, but what is a pug to do?

Well, Hammacher Schlemmer (say the name really fast, 4 times, ha ha ha, snort) has the answer: the dogbrella!

Okay, Santa, I have to add this to my list.  Check it out...comments?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Traveling Pug: Giving Back

A Traveling Pug: Giving Back

Giving Back

                      Hershey is a "camera shy" chihuaha at Friends of Animals
                         Martha Wyss created Friends of Animals Shelter in 1983
                Neelo and Nallah, brother & sister shi tzus waiting to be adopted

  Mom and I visited Friends of Animals- a no-kill shelter in Los Angeles.  The holiday Season is the perfect time to give to my furry friends that have no families.  Martha started Friends of Animals to help cats and dogs that needed loving care and homes.  She has kept this home for 150 orphans running on donations for over 25 years.   We brought food and blankets and I dressed up as Santa Dog.

Friends of Animals is always in need of donations and volunteers.  You can check out their website and see the wonderful pups and cats waiting to be adopted.
Love & Licks,
Phoebe Rose

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hanging out with Super Models

Yes, here I am with one of my favorite super models, Jessica Stam and of course, Mom.  We wore coordinating leopard outfits.  Actually Mom borrowed my leopard scarf.  It was another glamorous red carpet event in Beverly Hills- the opening of the store Devon.  I managed to score a cookie (someone dropped it) by the end of the evening and took a sip of a cranberry martini when no one was looking.
Sasha of LAInspiration snapped this pic. photo of moi at Devon party

The life of a large and lovely LA pug is not all tinsel-why should I be the only one drinking water and eating kibble, when everyone else is enjoying themselves?  I invite my canine readers to respond with their views.  check out the story (with a very nice photo of moi, I might add).
Love & licks,